Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Term 3 Week 6

Today i came back from America. For a holiday let me tell you about it First i went to Detroit to see my dad's Friend and we did lots of shopping i got a basket ball and a Michigan t-shirt and i got a football.We went to a baseball game we did not win but it was a fun game Detroit Tigers verses Boston Red Sox  and we got to watch some fireworks and they were awesome.  They bring hot dogs to your seat and the hotdogs are better in America, if you order peanuts the guy throws them to you.

The next day we went to cedar point it was way better than rainbows end it had so much fun and scary rides. Rougarou was on of my favorites at the park but there are lots of cool rides

 Then we went to Disney world it  wasn't as good as i expected but there were some fun rides but mostly not as fun as i expected  but it was good service the hotel that we stayed in was  great we had a lounge and everything then the hottest day came and i didn't  want to go out side and i am a person that loves to go out side so we went back to the hotel and cooled of but we didn't go out until 8:00.  They had an awesome fireworks each night

We went to the best arcade in the world it had everything there it even has nascar racing and if you have heard of  joey lagano i was always him and i was in first but then they all got passed and one crashed me so i came last but i kept on doing it and eventual came first.

Then we went on a cruise it was the first one i have ever been on it was so fun the mini golf was good and the service was great.

We went to Haiti and went on a massive zip line over the sea.

In Jamaica went Bobsled, and I went on a cool water slide and then we saw some massive spiders.  Then we climbed the Dunn River falls, the guide said when I grow up I could come back and be a guide it was fun climbing up a water fall

The next stop was Grand Cayman, we swam with the Stingrays.  One touched me and I jumped into my dads arms.  I didn't expect it as it barged through my legs, after the Stingrays we swam with a Dolphin.  The dolphins name was Luna, She splashed Poppa in the face and didn't want to kiss him.  I got to swim on her bellying holding the fins.  She went under the water so you couldn't see her and then she popped up.

In Mexico, I went snorkeling and we saw lots of Fish and one stingray, It stayed on the bottom which was a long way down cause it gets deep quickly.  I liked it staying away, then we went back to the boat and went to Florida and went to the space centre,  I got to ride on a simulator it was like going on a real rocket and it was so bumpy it was like a massage.  I got to see a real space ship Atlantis which now lives at the space centre.